The Photo That Went Wrong

For some reason, this photo sucks.

It seemed so intruging when I took it — deep vignetting and narrow depth of field due to f/1.4, rain, atmospheric colors, and geometric unity among the horizontal lines. 

A little bit of editing to amplify these attributes, and now, crap.

Can someone smarter and more artistic than I am help explain what has gone wrong?

3 thoughts on “The Photo That Went Wrong

  1. Seph Skerritt

    Probably not smarter or more artistic, but let me try.

    I think what is missing is a sense of motion. Because the lines are perfectly matched with the direction of travel, and the background is dark and muted, it’s hard to tell how fast the person is moving. It also doesn’t help that the body is pretty relaxed – as if he is coasting slowly, which makes it a little less emotional, less interesting.

  2. jgilbert Post author

    Yeah, i think thats right. I was going for a very static “moment in time”, but I think the rigid geometry of the composition sucked the life out of the shot. :)

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