Poll Everywhere – A Recent MIT Sloan Startup

One of the great things about MIT Sloan is the rate that it punches out new startups. A buddy of mine, Jeff Vyduna, is involved with Poll Everywhere, the “do-it-yourself” audience polling tool. Jeff is one of those crazy guys who pops out of an amazing consulting company, goes to school for a year, meets a bunch of people, and within 12 months is getting buzz on TechCrunch. Poll Everywhere powered the audience awards at the MIT $100K business plan competition, and now appears to have moved into an open launch. Poll Everywhere is the ultimate Audience Response System, because it doesn’t require any special hardware. Kudos to Jeff & the rest of the Poll Everywhere Team!

By the way, participation is the key to successful engagement with any audience. They must have hit us on the head with that a million times at MIT Sloan, but if you don’t believe me, check out this photo of audience response cards from one of Howard Anderson’s talks at the MIT Sloan Sales Conference

I’m currently tracking a few stealth-mode startups in the MIT Sloan community — if you want to add yours to the list send me a line and I’ll help get the word out when the time is right.