A Personal Update and New Directions for the Blog


Tomorrow is my first “real” day at my new, post-graduation job. With my summer of decompression / perspective-seeking over, it makes sense that this blog is going to need to transition from a general-purpose ideas blog to more of a personal update and observations blog. 

Its been a terrific summer vacation, but now I am ready to get busy, learn new things and seek a different way of making an impact than the familiar routes I’ve taken over the last 10 years. My new position in the corporate consulting world is quite a change of scale for me. For most of my pre-MBA career, I’ve been pretty much the small-team entrepreneur, technologist, product manager and idea guy. Now I’m looking to broaden my perspective and skill-base to larger organizations. My new employer offers one of the most extraordinary environments to develop business skills, seasoning, and experience, as I saw firsthand from my summer internship. Despite all of my natural second-guessing of the choice to return, I keep coming back to a subliminal itch telling me there is something I’ve gotta learn, and this is the place to do it. In many ways, I see this move as an extension of the reason I started Springboard Informatics: to offer integrated technology and business insights to my clients. Onwards!

For the next week, I’m in consultant boot camp, then hopefully staffing. For anyone who had been reading this blog just looking for MIT Sloan news, general observations and photography thoughts, I apologize in advance for any upcoming “irrelevant” posts.

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