Geotagging San Juan, Part 1

On my trip to San Juan Puerto Rico, I decided to make my first formal foray into the world of geotagging. On advice of my friend Saadiq, I brought along a GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr, a small USB device that records your location and time. So far, I’ve managed to geotag nearly all of the photos on my trip automatically using this tiny but somewhat unintuitive box.

Check out the breadcrumb trails of my frequent walks in Viejo San Juan; you can see I’ve left few stones unturned over the course of five days.


The big blue blur to the southeast of the orange map pin is the Hotel El Convento, where we are staying. This hotel was built into a hurricane-proof convent constructed in the 1700s, and so the GPS signal is very weak, resulting in a spastic pattern of recorded movement when we are in the hotel room.

Next step: Figure out how to display my pictures next to a map.