Back in Boston, enjoying a balmy 36F on crutches

jag-090319-110486 days and 12,000 photos later, Cynthia and I are back in Boston, where it is freezing as usual.

I’m about 1/3 of the way through sorting my photos, and taking stock it does seem like I met my goals of

<continued>really spending some deep time exploring the streets of Old San Juan, and El Yunque. Judging by her tan, it looks like Cynthia also met her goal of getting in some serious beach time.

On the downside, I pulled a ligament in my foot on my way down from a four hour hike to the summit of El Yunque.  I am now in a semirigid cast, with relatively little mobility. I’ve discovered that there is a whole system in airports to help people in wheelchairs, including a special stamp they put on your boarding pass and people helping you get around.

All of this new time on the couch should make speedy work of my photo sorting, so I hope to have some pics to share soon.

2 thoughts on “Back in Boston, enjoying a balmy 36F on crutches

  1. wingerz

    Aw man. Hope that you recover soon! Looking forward to seeing the photos! Think you’ll have time to post more about the photo tracker?

  2. jgilbert Post author

    Hey man, sorry we missed you in Cali. Yes, I plan to post a whole thing on my geotagging process this week.

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