2015-01-20 21.21.34

Wireless beacon for locating lost UAVs

After loosing my UAV a few weeks ago during a period of strong winds, I’ve decided to try building a GPS beacon and receiver. The beacon is small, lightweight, contains its own micro GPS receiver, and transmits its current location every two seconds on a 433Mhrz radio frequency. The receiver contains a display, a GPS for tracking its own location, and a flash chip for logging.2015-01-20 21.21.34


I am planning on conducting some range tests over the next few days. Here is an example export file from a walk I took around the parking lot. I parked the receiver on the second floor open area of Industry Labs and took a walk with the beacon. You can see as I get further away from the building entrance, the RSSI declines:

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 9.31.53 PM


Next step: a simulated search and rescue to test the transmitter range.