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Yes, there really is a laser in a Laser Printer (Photos)

The actual laser assembly from an Apple LaserWriter 16/600

The actual laser assembly from an Apple LaserWriter 16/600

Ever wonder why the word “laser” is in the term “Laser Printer”? Is it an actual laser, or is this just some gimmick to sell more printers?

To find out, I painstakingly disassembled the guts of a 1990’s era Apple Laserwriter 16/600 printer. My approach: keep removing hunks of metal, motors and plastic until I found the laser. This activity served to kill an otherwise unoccupied afternoon during a break in business school. Click for photos and a detailed breakdown.

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Kids vs. the Environment? Which is more important?

In the longstanding “kids vs. the environment” debate, one company decided to split the difference.

Actually, if you click around their web site, it does appear that they are pretty forward thinking about sustainability in Maine, but at first brush, this bottle cap appears more like a plea for help.

By the way, I re-enter the working world on Nov 6, which ought to bring an end to the “observed irony” phase of this blog.

The Long Tail In Action: Ivonna’s lullaby

If there were still kind people in the world, would they be on the Internet? This reads like an Onion story. Except truer. And stranger. For anyone still doubting “The Long Tail,” read on. 

It begins when champion shopper, and liquid foundation connoisseur Ivonna R couldn’t sleep. Rather than prescription medication, or her latest beau, Ivonna turned to the Internet for solace, promising 10 points[??] on Yahoo! Answers for the most slumber-inducing story.

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Upskirt Photos are a national issue for Japan?

Can one of my Japanese friends please help explain this article on illicit upskirt photos in Japan? Seen below is a warning poster from a subway in Japan.

…The loud shutter sound is supposed to deter voyeurs from taking sneaky pictures up women’s’ skirts — or down their tops. In Japan, upskirt and downblouse shots have become increasingly popular with the advent of high-resolution camera phones. As a result, all cell phones sold in Japan make a conspicuous shutter sound, or say the word “cheese” when a snap is taken…

Hope for the digital flowers

I found this plaque on my favorite bridge — the John W. Weeks bridge over the Charles River. 

What strikes me is that this plaque is seen daily by HBS students on their way to the Square.

If only my alma mater would put one in the E51 skybridge. :) Maybe our this would be a good use of our reunion gift? ;)

I actually have nothing against DRM, but especially with the recent Yahoo announcement, its socially important that DRM is done right. I hate the idea that a random event (such as a policy change or lawsuit) could suddenly part me from my hundreds of purchased iTunes songs.